Construction of the New Łódź Fabryczna train station is the one of the biggest railway station projects in European Union. The new station, will become the state of the art underground railway station on Poland, connecting Łódź, by a high speed trains with largest cities in Poland and in Europe. It will also be the most important element of the newly developed New Center of Łódź. Three level railway station with four platforms and eight tracks, will become the central part of the multi-modal commuter junction in the city downtown, connecting commuter and long distance trains, city bus lines and long distance buses  communication  with private transport having the capacity of 200.000 people per day (20 times more than before the renovation)

Our job in this project is to build the water – sewage pipelines within the railway station area. Within this task, we shall build the following:

6.500 meters of the rain drainage,

650 meters of sanitation sewage,

800 meters of water supply,

650 meters of drainage,

1.700 meters of line drainage.

The works also include the assembly of 5 pumping stations with all equipment and tens of separators, wells and inlets. Some of the works are being made in the depth up to 7,5 meters. Our job includes also renovation of the tarmac on the roads, paving and jamming the unused sewage with foam-concrete.






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